Friends of HIPPO

Several research institutes and think tanks from across the world provided support for the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations (HIPPO). The Brian Urquhart Center for Peace Operations of the International Peace Institute (IPI) facilitated global outreach to relevant stakeholders and provided in-depth analysis to identify the current challenges facing UN Peace Operations. IPI, together with the Center on International Cooperation (CIC) of New York University commissioned a series of papers that fed into the work of the panel, coordinated with a broader network of institutes to assist the process, and provided direct support to facilitate events in New York and outside of New York. IPI’s Senior Adviser, Youssef Mahmoud, was a member of the Panel. The “friends of HIPPO” will continue to accompany and support the implementation of the recommendations from both the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations and the Secretary General’s report, including through this online knowledge platform.


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