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Partnering for Peace: Lessons and Next Steps for EU-UN Cooperation on Peace Operations

By Wanda Hummel and Tobias Pietz UN and EU cooperation on peace operations was initiated over a decade ago with the 2003 Joint Declaration on UN-EU Cooperation in Crisis Management. Since then, the EU and the UN have established various new missions that often deploy to the same countries. In 2014, to use the momentum of the approaching end of the EU Plan of Action for CSDP Support to UN Peacekeeping (EU Action Plan), Germany and Italy implemented the “EU-UN Partnerships Initiative.” In four events, the initiative brought together more than 350 representatives from EU Member States, UN, EEAS (European External Action Service) as well as think tanks. It identified and debated four crucial areas for EU-UN cooperation on peace operations: coherence in mandates and planning, training, military capabilities, and justice and security sector reform (SSR). This policy briefing sums up key findings and policy recommendations. 

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